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2021'in en çok okunan 10 makalesi ve kilit fikirler

Güncelleme tarihi: 9 May 2022

İçinden geçtiğimiz dönemi tanımlamak için kullanmayı en çok sevdiğim terimlerden biri "liminal". Yani araf, eşiktelik hali... Bireysel, organizasyonel, toplumsal ve küresel olarak geride bıraktığımız çok şey var. Önümüzü de pek görebildiğimiz söylenemez. 2020'yle birlikte, VUCA'dan BANI dünyasına taşınırken "anlaşılmaz, kırılgan, doğrusal olmayan, kaygılı " bu liminal dönemi deneyimlerken, bir yandan da getirdiklerini anlamaya çalışmak doğamızın gereği. Dönemin ekonomik, teknolojik, politik, hemen hemen her düzlemde getirdiği sis perdelerine rağmen, netlik arayışındayız.

"En çok okunan, en çok satan" tamlamasından genellikle ürksem de 2021'in en çok okunan 10 makalesi listesi oldukça ilgi çekici. Liste, Harvard Business School Working Knowledge tarafından oluşturuluyor. Özellikle iş dünyasındaki dalgalanmalar, hatalar, beklentiler gibi meseleleri merak edenlerin, geçmiş ve gelecek arasında bağ kurma niyetini taşıyanların ilgisini çekeceğini düşünüyorum.

The 10 most popular articles

1. COVID Killed the Traditional Workplace. What Should Companies Do Now? To mark the one-year anniversary of the pandemic, 13 HBS faculty members offered advice on everything from time management to employee mental health for companies trying to prepare for the “next normal.”

2. For Entrepreneurs, the Benefits of Slowing Down Even as the pandemic loomed large over the global economy, venture capital investment continued at a steady clip. After several heady months for startups, Jeffrey Bussgang offered radical advice for founders: just chill.

3. The Harvard Business School Faculty Summer Reader 2021 At the start of a summer brimming with vaccine-fueled promise, many people looked forward to taking delayed vacations. HBS faculty members shared books they planned to read during their downtime, pulling from the worlds of technology, history, and science fiction.

4. How to Learn from the Big Mistake You Almost Make A brush with disaster can lead to important innovations, but only if employees have the psychological safety to reflect on these close calls, says research by Amy C. Edmondson, Olivia Jung, and colleagues.

5. How a Company Made Employees So Miserable, They Killed Themselves Aggressive downsizing at France Télécom culminated in 19 employee suicides. Case studies by Cynthia Montgomery and Ashley Whillans show how mistreating workers can have deadly consequences.

6. Dying to Lead: How Reaching the Top Can Kill You Sooner A study of General Electric employees by Tom Nicholas shows how the stress of chasing professional success can shorten an executive's life.

7. Commuting Hurts Productivity and Your Best Talent Suffers Most Companies that prize innovation should keep employees out of soul-crushing transit, even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends, suggests research by Andy Wu.

8. The Hard Truth About Being a CEO CEOs rarely get the full story from advisers and don't seem to know when to step down, says David Fubini. His book Hidden Truths offers candid wisdom for leaders.

9. Want Hybrid Work to Succeed? Trust, Don’t Track, Employees Many companies want employees back at desks, but workers want more flexibility than ever. Tsedal Neeley offers three rules for senior managers trying to forge a new hybrid path.

10. When Your Nerves Get the Best of You, Change the Narrative Anxiety can hobble even the most confident leaders. Francesca Gino offers three strategies that she uses to turn nerve-wracking situations into meaningful experiences.

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